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What makes a good banner text?

- Focus on the target market. You do not need to address everybody. It is more than enough to call upon your potential customers. There is no need to mention graphic design and business card services too, banner design is sufficient.

-Do not try to make a sale right away! That is not the primary function of the banner.
Your website and the sales pitch needs to do the selling. Focus on offering a solution, not making a sale!

- Call for action! I.e.: Please click here!

- Awaken their curiosity! Something almost shocking and interesting can also be attractive.

-Add something extra to your message, such as, FREE, COMPLIMENTARY, IMMEDIATELY, attainable value. It can be information, subscription, a gift or anything else that addresses the target market.

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Flash banner maker

Top Features
bullet 1. Web based
No need to install software, it can be used Flash Banner Maker from anywhere
bullet 2. Professional Appearance
A lot of different professional template topics on the Flash Banner Maker site
bullet 3. Very easy to use the Flash Banner Maker
Three simple steps and your flash banner can be downloaded in swf or exe format rightaway
bullet 4. Simple insertion
Just copy the embed code to your web page and you'll see the flash banner
5. It can be used with advertising systems
You can use clickTag in your link and you will be able to use your flash banner with any ad service.
flash banner maker

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The Flash Banner Maker offers a great way to make online your flash  banner. No need to install software, you can make your flash banner online with flash banner maker from anywhere.

Only 3 easy steps.

First step: Select the flash banner template that best fits your ad. You can choose from different styles and different sizes of flash banners in the left hand menu of flash banner maker.

Second step: Write your ad text into your selected flash banner.

Third step: Download or paste your own personalized flash banner onto your web page.

Watch a demo video about Flash Banner Maker


New Google AdWords Banners


You can find a new menu on our Flash Banner Maker site. From today you can use these banners in your Google AdWords account.


Take a look at our new banners!


What kind of banners would you like to see on your site?
You can now choose from a wider selection of banner templates on the Flash Banner Maker site.


You may check out your banners even without Flash player


As of today, banners may be downloaded not only in swf, but also in EXE format from the Banner4five Flash Banner Maker site.


Insert your banner to your site easily with the embed code!

2010-11-24 flash banner maker site is hosting banners starting today. The embedding code for is available from the download page.


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