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What makes a good banner text?

- Focus on the target market. You do not need to address everybody. It is more than enough to call upon your potential customers. There is no need to mention graphic design and business card services too, banner design is sufficient.

-Do not try to make a sale right away! That is not the primary function of the banner.
Your website and the sales pitch needs to do the selling. Focus on offering a solution, not making a sale!

- Call for action! I.e.: Please click here!

- Awaken their curiosity! Something almost shocking and interesting can also be attractive.

-Add something extra to your message, such as, FREE, COMPLIMENTARY, IMMEDIATELY, attainable value. It can be information, subscription, a gift or anything else that addresses the target market.

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About Us

Our company, Contenet Ltd. has numerous years of experience developing Internet based applications. Applying up-to-date and ergonomic, but mature technology is an ongoing demand of application development. Due to wide spread of electronic marketing tools the last few years, customers want more than IT programs. Their needs can only be satisfied by complex commercial and marketing oriented solutions.
We specialize in making banners, flash games and flash microsites with the purpose of advertising.

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