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Who should use the Flash Banner Maker? - Who uses

- website owners – inexpensive and custom-tailored

- marketing groups – small investment, larger profit

- private individuals – free banner ads, blogs and web pages

- small and medium size enterprises – inexpensive and specific advertising

- those who wish to start a picture Google advertising campaign – choose a template from the AdWords menu!

Flash Banner Maker

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As of today, banners may be downloaded not only in swf, but also in EXE format from the Banner4five Flash Banner Maker site.

Up to today, you could only download in swf format from the Flash Banner Maker page. In order to view swf format you needed flash player and not everybody has installed it. For that reason, we made exe format downloads available from our Flash Banner Maker page. To view an exe file you do not need a browser or a flash player and everything can be used within the windows system. That is why you can easily show anybody the banners you made with Flash Banner Maker. You may forward it as a news letter attachment, or may insert it as a Christmas card. (Christmas banners will soon be available in the flash banner maker menu!)

flash banner maker

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The Flash Banner Maker offers a great way to make online your flash  banner. No need to install software, you can make your flash banner online with flash banner maker from anywhere.

Only 3 easy steps.

First step: Select the flash banner template that best fits your ad. You can choose from different styles and different sizes of flash banners in the left hand menu of flash banner maker.

Second step: Write your ad text into your selected flash banner.

Third step: Download or paste your own personalized flash banner onto your web page.

Watch a demo video about Flash Banner Maker


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