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What makes a good banner text?

- Focus on the target market. You do not need to address everybody. It is more than enough to call upon your potential customers. There is no need to mention graphic design and business card services too, banner design is sufficient.

-Do not try to make a sale right away! That is not the primary function of the banner.
Your website and the sales pitch needs to do the selling. Focus on offering a solution, not making a sale!

- Call for action! I.e.: Please click here!

- Awaken their curiosity! Something almost shocking and interesting can also be attractive.

-Add something extra to your message, such as, FREE, COMPLIMENTARY, IMMEDIATELY, attainable value. It can be information, subscription, a gift or anything else that addresses the target market.

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FAQ - Help:

Can I remove the banner4five logo?

Yes. It only costs $5.
After logging in you can find your banners in „My Banners” menu. Next to the selected banner on the right, click on „Go to download page” and choose the option „Remove this ad from this banner for only $5.”
You can pay with credit card.

How can I use these banners in Google AdWords (or other networks)?
Choose a template from „AdWords” menu. Those banners fit AdWords criterion.
When you change the text of the banner, put clickTag where you see the word „Link”, and then you can download the banner.
Now you can upload to your AdWords account.

Can I use clickTag in my banner ads?
Yes. Banner4five supports clickTag. When you change the text of the banner, put clickTag where you see the word „Link”.

How can I post the banners on my Facebook page?
Facebook doesn't support swf format, so you have to convert to video format. (avi, flv, mp4 etc.)
Get it from here .

How can I upload my banner to my site?
Insert the embed code to your site's source code. The embed code is available on the download page.
Or download your banner and upload onto your site using FTP.

Why cannot I see the banners on banner4five site?
In order to view the banners and create them with you need Flash Player.
Get it from here .

I need more text line.
I need custom size banner.
I need custom design banner.
Do you design custom banners?
Absolutely. Just tell us your personal needs and we will create your custom banner.

How long does it take?
1 or 2 workdays.

How much does it cost?
Smaller file size, insertion of customised characters $10
Applying a new line of text $10
Inserting a picture or logó $15
Making a custom size banner $20
Making a banner in different colours $20
Making a customised banner from $60

Can you design banners in other languages than English?
Yes. Just tell us your personal needs and we will create your customised banner.


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